Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Naturopathic Wellness will have a change in business hours during the last two weeks of December.

Holiday Hours:

Closed 12/23 – 12/27

Open 12/28-29 9am-5pm

Closed 12/30 – 01/03

Practice Updates:

Beginning in 2016 Dr. Laughlin will be a provider with ConnectiCare Health Insurance! Check your email at the beginning of the year for further updates.

In January 2016 Wednesday hours will switch to 10-6pm (previously 11-7pm)

Now that the Holiday season is in full swing, most people feel their stress levels begin to creep up. Below find a few easy ways to keep yourself healthy and fresh through the Holiday season.

5 Simple Ways to Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!


Healthy gut flora is at the forefront of our immune and digestive system. Low beneficial bacteria (which can occur due to stress and poor diet) can lead our gut to be more inflamed and tax our immune system making us more likely to become sick. Having a good probiotic, one with at least 5 different strains and 1 billion bacteria, can help the body stay healthy through the indulgent Holiday season.

Mediataion/Relaxation and Gratitude

Taking 5-10 minutes each day to meditate, relax, or express gratitude for something in your life can greatly impact stress. Gratitude and meditation have been shown to calm the nervous system and create a better sense of happiness. Scheduling these things into your daily routine will benefit the whole body.


This one may seem obvious but the more stress we have on our plates, the less restful and restorative our sleep tends to be. Unwinding 1 hour before bed with a book (not an electronic device), calming tea (chamomile, lavendar, lemon balm), or a bath can help prepare your body for a more restful sleep. If you have issues falling asleep, be sure to not have caffeine after 2pm and stop all electronics within an hour of falling asleep.

Lemon Water

Warm or room temperature lemon water can help to hydrate and alkalinize the body. During this time of year people typically eat more acidic foods (i.e. baked goods, meats, breads, alcohol) which can decrease energy and make digestion sluggish. Drinking 6-8oz of lemon water first thing in the morning will jumpstart your system and aid with proper digestion through out the day.

Vitamin D

During the fall and winter months we have fewer hours during the day where we are exposed to sunlight. Most of us do not spend a lot of time outside during this time of the year. This sets our immune systems up to be weakened due to a drop in vitamin D formation. Supplementing with vitamin D during the colder months can help the immune system work more efficiently and decrease the number of colds/flus.
**Be sure to check your vitamin D levels before supplementing high doses of the vitamin.
Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy Holiday!

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