Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Naturopathic Wellness is to determine the underlying cause of the disease and treat the cause using the best in natural therapies. These therapies include homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, nutritional supplements, and botanical medicine. Utilizing these safe and effective therapies we create a sense of well-being and help to restore the body back to health.

Dr. Lisa Laughlin is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Hamden, CT.  She graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine cum laude with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine as well as her Master’s in Human Nutrition. She received awards in clinical excellence and community service. Throughout her education she strived to build a community within the Naturopathic program and the greater community.  Dr. Laughlin completed her undergraduate education at Saint Michael’s College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Dr. Laughlin has made television appearances on NBC and News12 speaking on natural stress relief and what chronic stress can do to the body. She is passionate about finding the root cause of the disease process and making lasting changes in the health of her patients.

Dr. Lisa Laughlin ND, MS

Dr. Laughlin specializes in helping patients with chronic stress, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. Daily stress signifciantly impacts our overall health, especially in our fast paced society. Over time, chronic stress can lead to increased inflammation in the body leading to chronic disease states. Utilizing safe and effective therapies, Dr. Laughlin creates an individualized treatment plan geared to treating the whole person. Patients have improved energy on their way toward optimal wellness.