Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy focuses on regulating the body’s rhythm of cerebral-spinal fluid. It works on the soft tissues of the body to help re-align the spine and open the cerebral spinal fluid flow allowing for improved circulation. We tend to hold stress in different areas of the body and over time this can cause physical pain. Craniosacral therapy releases these restrictions from chronic stress and promotes relaxation.

Clinical Nutrition

The foundation of health begins with what we put in our mouth. With all of the fad diets and constant change of what you should be eating, it is difficult to discern what is really healthy. The truth is everyone does not do well on the same diet or eating the same types of foods. We specialize in looking at the individual and determining the best type of food to optimize health.

Homeopathy and Drainage

Homeopathy has been used for centuries to help heal a variety of ailments. These are prescribed for patients on an individual basis and specifically help to clear the symptoms of an illness.
Drainage remedies are used for specific body systems. Drainage is the most mild form of cell detoxification. It is gentle on the body and works deep at a cellular level to improve overall cell functions. When drainage is used prior to detoxification diets or protocols, our cells are better prepared to remove any toxins released during the detoxification process.

Nutritional Supplements

With any chronic disease our key nutrient stores often become depleted. Nutrient depletion can also be a result of toxins in our system, poor lifestyle/diet, and chronic stress. When treating the person it is important to build up these stores with proper nutritional supplements. We use a variety of nutritional supplements to aid the body in regulating normal cellular function and detoxification. The supplements we carry are allergen free, easily absorbable, and are in the most biologically active form of the nutrients.

Specialty Testing

We use a variety of specialty tests to determine the underlying cause of the presenting symptoms. Most insurance companies will pay for a percentage of the test, significantly decreasing the out of pocket burden. The test results allow for individualized treatments, specifically geared toward the imbalances. Specialty testing includes salivary hormones, stool testing, food allergies/sensitivities, nutritional evaluation, and digestion health.